Morningstar Boat's M 380 hull with Options included

Morningstar Boat's "M3" 380 "V" Nose Punt with options included.

Fishing with the most efficient equipment will keep you on the water indefinitely.

Built with the strongest (5083) alloy ,  using a unique & more efficient building process,  reduces the weigth , increases the strength of the hull & maximises the stability -  Easy to launch , maximum comfort , sure footed stability.

 Add - - - Sunshine +  bait & stir gently - the fish come.

Additional options include - 

* Side pockets,

* Bow and side rails,

* Timber or checker plate front casting deck,

* Navigation lights,

* Bow lean seat,

* Side or centre console is available,

* Painted hull upgrade.

* Bow casting platform in carpeted timber or Checker plate with storage,

            *   Basic hulls from $ 3,750.00


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